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Chimera offer a range of lessons for children who want to learn more about climbing. We have term-time classes, which are divided into three categories:

Little Monkeys (5-7 years old)

Rock Ninjas (8-11 years old)

Chimera Academy (12-16 years old)

By signing your child up to a full term, they are able to learn and practice their skills in a controlled environment under the guidance of a qualified instructor. At Chimera we work though the ‘NIBAS’ programme (National Indoor Bouldering Award Scheme), meaning your child has the opportunity to work towards certificates and could even be signed off to climb without supervision both at our walls and others that participate in the NIBAS programme.

The price of kids clubs is £56 per month, which includes one weekly session with shoe hire. Kids club plus is also available at £75 per month, which includes one weekly session with shoe hire, as well as unlimited climbing at our both our Canterbury and Tunbridge Wells centres.

Kids clubs at Chimera Canterbury will be beginning in January, 2020. To register interest in our kids clubs, please follow the link below.

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Junior Introduction to Bouldering

We offer junior intro to bouldering sessions, suitable for children aged 8 to 16, who want a helping hand getting into the sport, or who want to sample some instructor-led climbing, before committing to a kids club. These sessions will help children to gain familiarity with the centre, understand how to climb safely, and provide some general tips and guidance on their climbing.

You can book your child into these sessions below. For those seeking one-on-one instruction, we also offer private lessons and longer term blocks of classes, which can be booked through emailing us at

Call us today to learn more on 01892 457294

Book a junior intro to bouldering session

Please note that if you do not complete your booking within 20 minutes it will automatically be cancelled and you cannot rebook the same slot for 24 hours. Online bookings are only available 72h before the class.

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